Elsa’s first shoot. Ever.

*retouching free

model: Elsa Amanda Rodriguez

video: Vlasta Pilot

music: sample from Скриптонит - Это любовь

YouTube Blog Back on Track


Oh how many of my own “big ideas” I’ve let myself kill! YouTube is definitely one of them:) Once inspired by my friends and clients to start sharing some of my knowledge and experience of managing people on set, I’ve let my self doubt and procrastination lead the way…into nowhere :) ahahah:)

Since my move to LA I was finally able to get some free time for more of my creative projects and I’m relieved to ACTUALLY DO IT instead of writing it in my planner about it.

As per usual I went through the whole “OMG THEY WERE RIGHT I HAVE AN ACCENT”, “WHY DON’T MY LIPS MOVE”, “MY FOREHEAD IS SO SHINY”, “WHY AM I SO AWKWARD”, “JEEZ THE BED IS SQUEAKING”, but then took my own advice realising that this is not something that should be taken all too seriously and that there will be a new day and I will keep improving. I must begin first…or begin AGAIN, which is more my case.

I hope I will never be afraid to “begin” again and again in order to grow.